All of Ireland’s Presidential Election results are now up We have the main result for each election, as well as a breakdown of each count and every constituency in Ireland.

Out of a possible 13 presidential elections, 6 were not contested while 7 were to a public vote. Its only recently that there has been a big increase in the amount of candidates, with the election in 1997 having 5 candidates and 7 candidates in 2011.

We’ve just added a European Parliament section to our website. This lists all of Ireland’s European Elections, and for the first time every count in every constituency is available for all 8 elections, stretching back to the first one in 1979.

Did you know our first MEPs weren’t elected. Between joining the European Parliament in 1973 and the first election in 1979, 10 MEPs were appointed directly by Oireachtas in 1973 and again after the 1977 general election.

From then on, its all been elections. As with all our data, these Euro Election results come with all our usual goodies, including, Party Share, Change from previous election, Transfer Analysis (including our Sankey Chart), Race through the counts and much more.


With two upcoming referendums, we thought it might be worthwhile looking back at how we voted in previous ones.

We have just finished putting up on our website, the constituency data for all of Ireland’s past referendums.  You can access it from our homepage or by clicking here.

Well, if you were over 18 you might have been out voting. And for the first time you can view all the counts from the November 1982 election right here, on  This is the first time they’ve been fully available online.

This was the last of 3 general elections to be held within a year and a half. And it was a record one for Fine Gael, giving them their best result in a general election (only to be bettered by their 2011 performance). Women TD’s also increased their share from 8 seats to 14.

More general elections to come.

All the counts for the 1987 Irish General Election are now on our site and available online for the first time.

The result saw Charles Haughey lead a minority government and also saw the first appearance of the PDs.

For those interested in such things, there were three constituencies where surpluses were distributed in the order they occurred and not by largest surplus first (which is often the case).